Group photo from Sanord Symposium 2012

Objectives of the 3rd International SANORD Symposium

While competition between universities has increased dramatically at a global level, international collaboration among universities is both a competitive criterion and a measure to strengthen the capacity of the universities that are successful partners in global knowledge networks.

Accordingly, there may be a direct link between a university's international networks and its performance and contributions to the development of the surrounding society at the national and regional levels.

The 2012 SANORD Symposium sought to address the following three important questions in the context of collaboration between universities in Southern Africa and the Nordic countries:

  • University Governance: Building Institutional Capacity for Participation in International Knowledge Networks
  • Synergies in North – South Collaboration: From Bilateral Collaboration to Knowledge Coalitions
  • Tomorrow’s Common Research Priorities for Nordic and Southern African Universities

Members of the Symposium Committee

Time and place

The 3rd SANORD International Symposium:

Aarhus University, Denmark
6-7 June 2012

Thank you for joining us at Aarhus University!


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