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Symposium information

Symposium committee

The Aarhus University SANORD2012 Symposium Committee consists of:

Jens Seeberg

Chair Platform for Stability, Democracy & Rights
Associate Professor
Department of Culture and Society - Anthropology
Aarhus University 

Johnny Laursen
Vice Dean for Research
Department of Culture and Society – History
Aarhus University

Jørgen Elklit
Department of Political Science and Government
Aarhus University

Per Kallestrup
PhD, Specialist of Family Medicine
Center for Global Health, Department of Public Health
Aarhus University

Torsten Rødel Berg
PhD, Research Internationalization Adviser
Faculty of Science and Technology
Aarhus University

Ulla Bo Gjørling
International Director
Research and Talent – International Centre
Aarhus University 

Southern Africa representatives to the Abstracts Committee:

In addition to the members from the Aarhus University SANORD Symposium organisation committee, the following three representatives of Southern African Universities participated in the review and selection of submitted abstracts for the symposium:

Elva A. Gomez De Sibandze
Senior Lecturer
Media Technology, Polytechnic of Namibia, Nambia

Roddy Fox
Department of Geography, Rhodes University, South Africa

Dr. Thierry M Luescher-Mamashela
Senior Lecturer in Political Studies
University of the Western Cape, South Africa

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